Students' Parliament (StuPa)

Among other things, the Students' Parliament is the official student body’s highest decision-making entity, and its responsibilities range from the election and control of AStA to preparing the student budget. You can find more information about the Leuphana Students’ Parliament at The StuPa's main tasks is to help shape the student's university policy, to deal with a wide range of motions, to elect the AStA officers, to pass statutes, regulations and guidelines. An element of central importance in StuPa’s work is the student budget, which must be voted on, arranged, and allocated. The money is distributed among the student organisations and service providers or to students initiatives including University Sports Services. In total, StuPa has 17 members elected from among the whole of the university's students. Every student can stand for election to the StuPa, as an individual or together with others, on a list. The lists can be formed along political lines or as general interest groups. StuPa lists can also be presented dependently of the programme of study. StuPa matters are managed by the StuPa Chair, who prepares the meetings and organises their day-to-day business. In addition, the members of parliament and their representatives create various committees which provide specific recommendations to the StuPa.

StuPa usually convenes every second (during lecture-free time every fourth) Wednesday of the month, at 14:30 hrs in room C 9,102, unless otherwise specified. At the meetings, all students have the right to speak and submit motions. Overview of the upcoming sessions for 2019/20: 26.06.19 | 04.07.19 | 31.07.19 | 04.09.19 | 16.10.19 | 06.11.19 | 20.11.19 | 04.12.19 | 18.12.19 | 15.01.20 | 05.02.20 | 04.03.20 | 15.04.20 | 06.05.20 | 20.05.20

The chair of the Students’ Parliament coordinates StuPa’s tasks. Its main duty is to prepare the meetings, send invitations and chair the sessions and to provide the follow-up. Documents must also be archived and the homepage maintained. In addition, we represent the student body together with the AStA spokespersons vis-à-vis the university's management and the faculties. This consists of processing requests and maintaining contact via email and regular meetings. The chair also provides an overview of the work done in the committees and coordinates them.

Notice Board

Current information is posted on the HoPo Notice Board (German abbreviation of Hochschulpolitik -> University politics) –in front of the stairs in Building 9. You can also reach the StuPa directly via e-mail ( and by speaking to the StuPa members in person.


Susan Mudallal und Carl J. Niederste Frielinghaus
Universitätsallee 1, C 9.102
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49 4131 / 677 - 1510