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Registration & Procedure

Paper LVE

If paper LVE is used, you will receive your survey documents at your (home) address well in time before the evaluation date. Please note that we need to receive your course registration at least 5 days before the requested evaluation date so that you as the lecturer receive the questionnaires on time. The sheer quantity of LVE to be processed during the last four weeks of the teaching period may result in processing delays (1-3 weeks). We therefore recommend an early evaluation towards the middle of the semester.

Please share paper questionnaires with the students in the course on the day of the evaluation. The survey documents are filled in anonymously and voluntarily and take approx. seven minutes to complete. You may fill in the lecturer questionnaire at the same time. You should then close the envelope containing the completed questionnaires in front of your students and return this to the Leuphana Teaching Evaluation team by internal post. Nearly all university buildings have a letterbox system, which tend to be labelled either “Internal post” or “Campus” or “Universitätsallee”. You also have the option to post the envelope using the letterboxes located IN FRONT OF the buildings - usually labelled Leuphana.

Online LVE

If online LVE is used, the students are automatically emailed a direct, individual link on the day which you have selected as the start date for the evaluation, alongside the access details for the chosen questionnaire (basic module plus additional free choice module if applicable). You will be sent the lecturer questionnaire by email at the same time. From this day, you and the student are usually given 14 days to complete the course feedback online once (please contact us to change this period). 

In order to increase feedback received, we recommend that you free up time during a teaching event to allow students to complete the online LVE (approx. 10 min). 

Students can complete the online questionnaire using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The data are then anonymised and electronically sent to the Leuphana Teaching Evaluation team.

Lecturer questionnaire

Regardless of whether you select paper or online LVE, you will also receive a lecturer questionnaire where you can record your perspective and expectations regarding the teaching event. Comparing these details in the results report with student opinions provides a useful and meaningful focus when interpreting the results.


For team-teaching events, evaluations may be separate or joint (online or paper).
If a joint evaluation is selected, each lecturers is given the opportunity to complete a lecturer questionnaire. Students evaluate the teaching event as a whole. For currently five items in online LVE, students can enter their opinion separately for the different lecturers (only available online).  After the LVE has been completed, the results are emailed to all lecturers.
If you prefer several separate LVEs or wish to evaluate fewer lecturers than those specified in myStudy, please contact the Leuphana Teaching Evaluation team directly after LVE registrations.


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Registration, processing and evaluation of your LVE

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