LVE Questionnaires

In the 2016 summer semester, Leuphana Teaching Evaluation launched a component system for use with course evaluation (LVE). This questionnaire is generally made up of a basic module and optional add-on modules

You can currently use the following questionnaires:

  • Basic modules (standard questionnaire containing 17 items, in German and English).
  • Add-on modules “Interdisciplinarity“ and “Relevance to practice and application” (can be added optionally, available in German and English)
  • Free module (can be added optionally, you can design up to 3 closed and 2 open questions yourself)

A total of four fixed add-on modules are planned. The following might be used as further topics: digital teaching, and internationalisation. The component system is designed to allow up to two fixed add-on modules and the free-design add-on module to be added optionally later on in addition to the basic module. 

LVE can be performed on paper or online. The additional questions of the free-design add-on module are printed onto the back of the basic module questionnaire or added to the online questionnaire. Student questionnaires and lecturer questionnaires are available to enable a comparison of the different perspectives of students and lecturers when evaluating courses. 

Two separate questionnaires for music lessons were developed for the subject Music (Teacher Training). Entirely different questionnaires are used at the Professional School and evaluated using a different system. If you have any questions relating to this topic, please contact Annika Melles ( ; Tel. 04131.677-2942).

Templates for all available questionnaires: 

(Do NOT print out yourself, as printed out forms cannot be scanned in later on!)


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