Feedback Tools

Discussions with students and student feedback give essential impulses for developing studies and teaching. Leuphana offers several formats for such discussions and applies regulated QM tools to ensure that the results are used to improve courses, modules, degree programmes and framework conditions.

Quality Circles for all majors and minors are normally held once a year. Programme convenors, students and lecturers discuss and agree quality development measures for the degree programmes. Each subsequent Quality Circle and School directors verify that the measures have been implemented.   

Internal teaching evaluation at Leuphana University of Lüneburg comprises a range of university-internal surveys of (former) students and lecturers on study and teaching quality, designed, implemented and analysed by the Leuphana Teaching Evaluation team (LEva). Evaluation processes are used to gather information about teaching quality at different university levels and from different perspectives.

Course evaluation (LVE) is used to evaluate teaching of individual courses. There are also many other ways to gather qualitative feedback in relation to one's own teaching. System surveys focus on whole degree programmes and study framework conditions.