Faculty of Sustainability


Sustainability science theoretically, conceptually, and empirically investigates how to drive change, enabling effective solutions to current sustainability challenges towards a just future. 

We envision sustainability scientists should develop a responsibility for their research rooted in existing scientific knowledge and methods.


We foster change towards a more sustainable future by engaging, further developing, and transgressing the practices of integrative sustainability learning, research, governance and management. 

We acknowledge a dynamic context of values, norms, an behaviours with a transdisiciplinary engagement on existing tensions and trade-offs between different disciplines, methods, topics, and scales.


The Faculty of Sustainability is guided by the normative concepts of system integrity and justice.

By system integrity we mean to maintain life support systems in their boundaries and preserve the well-being of life on earth.

By justice we proclaim that we need to enable a world where all people can fulfil their potential without compromising the system's integrity and other people's well-being.  

Data on faculty

Professor (incl. Junior-)29
Academic assistantca. 120
Students on college812
Students on the Graduate School156