Finding accommodation on your own

How to find a room on your own

  1. You will find below links to some rental portals, on which students or private landlords offer accommodation. Read the room/flat ads carefully and keep in mind that even if the photos show furnished rooms, the room/apartment might be rented unfurnished. Please note: As with all offers on the Internet, cases of fraud can also occur here. Contact the provider only if the room offer seems to be serious. Never transfer money to an account outside Germany. If you are unsure whether an offer is serious or notice something conspicuous, feel free to contact the Accommodation Service.
  2. Online advertisements are usually contacted by telephone or e-mail. Introduce yourself in writing or by telephone and make an appointment to visit the apartment. (If you are not yet in Germany, you may be able to get an impression of the room/apartment by using Skype or similar.)
  3. Arrive on time at an agreed appointment and make sure that you can answer enquiries and e-mails quickly. When visiting a room/flat, be polite and decide quickly whether you want to live in it or not. If yes, you will have to wait for a confirmation or a cancellation.
  4. If you get an acceptance, you will usually receive a rental agreement soon. Check it carefully before you sign it. Transfer the deposit and/or the first rent for the room as agreed. Note: You should only transfer money to a bank in Germany.
  5. Arrange an appointment for the handing over of keys/room. When moving in, it is advisable to document the condition of the room or apartment in a handover protocol or, above all, to photograph any damage and inform the contract partner.

International degree seeking students

International degree-seeking students are recommended to apply for a room in a student residence. When registering, please state explicitly that you are a degree-seeking student at Leuphana University and will stay in Lüneburg for several semester/years.


Operators of student residences

  • Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen
  • Campus Wohnen

Operators of student residences

Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen

The Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen operates seven halls of residence in Lüneburg and offers unfurnished and furnished rooms in shared flats (without mattress, pillows, blanket). The halls of residence are located on the campus, near the campus and in the city centre. Applications for a room can be made online.

Halls of Residence

Online Application

Campus Wohnen

Campus Wohnen maintains six halls of residence within close proximity to the university campus. All rooms are in shared flats (WGs) and are unfurnished. If you would like to apply for free rooms, create a user account and contact the relevant WGs after registration. Arrange a meeting to get to know each other (personally or via Skype/WhatsApp) and visit the flat, if possible. You can then use your user account to apply to Campus Wohnen for the room(s) you are interested in.

Halls of Residence

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