Research Strengths

Research Strengths

The sustainability initiative is supported by the Faculty of Sustainability. It researches the transformation and development process towards a sustainable society and actively supports this process. The researchers focus on social as well as on physical bases of social coexistence. Sustainability research is one of the most important fields of action on the road to the development of sustainable civil society in the 21st century. Due to their inherent complexity, environmental and sustainability problems must involve solutions that require the cooperation of different disciplines as well as the creation of an inter- and transdisciplinary approach that goes beyond universities. More than 30 professors from the Leuphana University of Lüneburg provide this cooperation. Research is carried out in collaboration with political decision-makers, farmers, local entrepreneurs and many other stakeholders, who are faced with specific challenges that can only be met successfully on the basis of innovative, theoretically and methodically based sustainability research.

Leuphana is on the way to be a leading center of sustainability research at national and international level. Leuphana's sustainability research is highlighted by five strengths:

  • Research that is oriented on problem solving
  • Inter- and transdisziplinary research
  • Actors of change
  • Diveristy
  • Possibilities

Research that is oriented on problem solving

Leuphana's sustainability research is based on application-oriented and action-oriented research by identifying key problems, developing solutions and formulating political and organizational recommendations from a transdisciplinary perspective.

Inter- and transdisziplinary research

Co-operation between natural sciences and social sciences in both sustainability research and teaching is still the exception rather than the rule at most universities. Leuphana is taking a new approach by consistently applying interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary methods in its research practice.

Actors of change

With its focus on change agents as the principle of basic research, Leuphana is unique in sustainability research. The linkage of the abilities and point of view of different actors at various spatial levels and in different areas of activity allows the development of new research perspectives.


At least 30 professors provide a wide range of national and international research and study opportunities within the comparatively young field of sustainability science.


Applied inter- and trans-disciplinary sustainability research at Leuphana contributes to solving real challenges at both local and regional as well as international level. Within cooperations with Arizona State University joint projects are initiated and supported by transdisciplinary research in the Lüneburg region, for example. Zukunftsstadt Lüneburg 2013 worked on solutions at regional level. Leuphana maintains research and scientific networks worldwide with other renowned research institutes in the field of sustainability research.