Humanities - Actors and Perspectives

Sustainability research in the humanities follows an actor oriented approach.  This entails investigating and bringing together the perspectives of various different actors, especially the so-called “agents of change.” Researchers investigate what the environmental- and sustainability topics and problems of social, political, legal, state, commercial and individual actors are.

The following actor perspectives and professors belong to the humanities oriented research field:


Social Actors

Environmental and Sustainability Communication

  • Prof. Dr. Gerd Michelsen

New Media and Environmental Information

  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Möller

Governance and Sustainability

  • Prof. Dr. Jens Newig

State Actors

Sustainability Politics

  • Prof. Dr. Harald Heinrichs

Sustainability Economics

    Legal Actors

    Public Law, in particular energy and environmental law

    • Prof. Dr. Thomas Schomerus

    Sustainability Law

    NN (Position has not yet been filled)

    Comercial Actors

    Social Entrepreneurship

      Sustainability Management

      • Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Stefan Schaltegger

      Individual Actors

      Ethics of Sustainability

      • Prof. Dr. Dr. Nils Ole Oermann

      Business Psychology, in particular decision-making research and methods

      • Prof. Dr. Hans-Rüdiger Pfister

      Labor- and Engineering Psychology

      • Prof. Dr. Rainer Höger