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Prof. Dr. Daniel Pleissner: Food Waste can be used Judiciously

Every year, around one third of the food produced worldwide is thrown away. Strategies to avoid this waste must be given priority. However, an appropriate response to the problem is also to make judicious use of these leftovers. Prof. Dr. Pleissner has dealt with this proposition in a recently published paper. More

Forest Ecology: Trees ‘communicate’ with their Neighbours

Trees usually grow much better in a species-rich neighbourhood than in monocultures. This has now been shown by scientists from a research association of which Leuphana is a member. The researchers were surprised to discover that trees growing in species-rich neighbourhoods can even support each other. More

“Dubious Waste Stores will Multiply”: Interview with Prof. Dr. Henning Friege

Last year alone, around 1.5 million tonnes of plastic waste were shipped from Europe to China and Hong Kong. This is now a thing of the past. An expert explains why, while this poses risks for Germany and other industrial nations, it may also provide the opportunity for better waste management. More