Experiences from the LL.M. programme

Why did others choose the distance-learning Competition and Regulation LL.M. programme? What are their experiences of the professional LL.M. programme at Leuphana Professional School? Find out more from current and former students here.

Why am I taking the Competition & Regulation LL.M. online-learning degree?

Vera Grebe, alumna of the LL.M. Competition and Regulation ©Leuphana/Brinkhoff/Mögenburg
Vera Grebe, alumna

The Competition and Regulation LL.M. gives legal professionals the business expertise they need. The teaching staff come from both research and business. They are all experts in their field, and are able to communicate the material in an interesting and inspiring way. New discoveries are to be made in each class. The complex, international content is taught in English, which is both a plus point and an added challenge. The degree will mark me out from other legal professionals as I will have a greater understanding of competition and regulation law. A position in a business law firm would then be a genuine option.

- Vera G., doctoral candidate and research assistant at Leuphana

I am studying for the Competition & Regulation LL.M. because the programme covers my key interests and I want to pursue my professional development in a university context. I see the programme as a welcome intellectual challenge and am hoping it will improve my career prospects. The programme is also a chance to publish – through my Masters dissertation – on a fascinating topic, and that is a chance I would not normally have in my usual working environment.

- Markus A., company lawyer & departmental manager with an energy supplier