Teacher Training for Vocational Schools - Social Pedagogy

Masters Programme

The programme provides Masters-level preparation for teaching in the field of social pedagogy, with advanced social pedagogy content alongside relevant topics from vocational training research and education studies.

Teacher Training for Vocational Schools / Social Pedagogy – the programme


In addition to education and research-related topics, you will also study a teaching subject. The programme allows you to concentrate on teaching and learning at vocational schools and universities in your engagement with social pedagogy. Following on from the Bachelor in Social Pedagogy (with teacher training option) at Leuphana College, the Masters takes a closer look at how knowledge in social pedagogy is generated and passed on. Students take research-based modules that focus in more depth on the possibilities of personal knowledge production, as well as modules addressing the educational and institutional framework for teaching social pedagogy. The programme comprises subject-specific content with focuses on childhood and youth research, child and youth welfare research and welfare state research, and educational theory and vocational training research in the discipline.

International comparisons play a central role on this programme as they help us to see the supposedly familiar from a new perspective and, through that critical distance, enable us better to analyse behaviour and methods.

subjectspecific study regulation (German)

A short description of the modules can be found in the study regulations for this Masters Programme.

Masters dissertation

You can start developing the topic for your Masters dissertation with the launch of the Masters Forum in your very first semester. The teaching research projects and seminars offered in the second and third semesters give you an opportunity to narrow your focus. In the fourth semester, the colloquium provides supervision and support with completing your Masters dissertation.

Career Prospects

Successful completion of the Masters programme opens up a range of excellent opportunities in the field of social pedagogy. Specifically, our Masters programme guarantees graduates:

  • The opportunity to take up a trainee teacher post for vocational school teaching in social pedagogy – in the State of Lower Saxony, proof of a vocational training qualification or relevant professional experience is also required in accordance with section 6 (7) and appendix 5, No. 2d Nds. MaVo Lehr [Lower Saxony Regulations on Teacher Training Masters degrees] (2015). In other words, the Masters is part of your path to teaching in state sector schools.
  • The prospect of posts as departmental head, seminar facilitator and/or in senior management at vocational schools for social pedagogy.
  • The prospect of (managerial) posts in planning, professional development and/or consultancy and development at relevant ministries and public authorities (in the field of family, youth & schools), in particular with independent child and youth welfare organisations and welfare associations.
  • The option of pursuing an education or social sciences doctorate, and therefore of work as a research assistant or and/or lecturer in social pedagogy at university in the longer term.

Entry requirements

The Teacher Training for Vocational Schools – Social Pedagogy Masters builds on the Bachelor in Social Pedagogy (with teacher training option) at Leuphana College. The Bachelor programme introduces a vocational education teacher training option and therefore includes not just social pedagogy but also another teaching subject, a vocational and business education component and educational theory modules including a compulsory placement at a vocational school in the field of social pedagogy. These components are required for admission to the Social Pedagogy – Teacher training for Vocational Schools programme and this Masters is therefore only open to graduates of Leuphana College.

After admission to the Bachelor in Social Pedagogy (with teacher training option) at Leuphana College, students can have any module credits from previous programmes recognised if they wish to reduce the course duration for their Bachelor degree. In case you need information to start the Bachelors programme, please switch to Bachelor Social Pedagogy.

At a glance

Degree received: Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Application period: June 15 - August 15
Type of programme: Thematic relevance
Study places: 45
Start date: October 1
Extent: 120 CP according to ECTS
Duration: 4 semesters
Languages: German, single classes in English
Semester contribution: approx. EUR 360


Programme Director

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandermann
Universitätsallee 1, C1.318
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-2381

Programme Management

Carina Oelerich, M.A.
Universitätsallee 1, C1.027
21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-1648


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