Basic Programme Practical Phase

The perfect combination of theory and practice

Are you planning a placement during the semester or in the holidays? Would you like to integrate that placement into your degree? You can easily combine theory and practice as part of your studies – with the Basic Programme Practical Phase.

Support during the practical phase

If you are planning a taste of professional life, the programme will prepare you for it and will provide support during your placement.

Preparation for your role and online support over the course of the placement will help you to apply what you learn from this change of perspectives in your subsequent studies.

Building knowledge through practical experience

There are many ways in which students benefit from placements during their degree:

  • you build up a new store of knowledge through practical experience
  • you can investigate the applicability and usefulness of theory in a professional context
  • you can practise professional behaviour in a professional environment 
  • you can network with businesses and institutions

The Basic Programme: a plus for your degree

The Basic Programme Practical Phase includes both subject-specific and interdisciplinary elements and ensures that you can combine studying and a professional placement. This

  • ensures an easy introduction to the placement
  • allows you to experience in practice what you learn on your programme
  • introduces questions and issues from professional life that you can explore at university to find scientific or academic responses

Students who complete the Basic Programme Practical Phase acquire five credit points in the Complementary Studies "Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects" perspective.


Contact Person

Anja Stegert, M.A.
Programme Coordinator
Universitätsallee 1, C8.103b