Assessments at College

The staff of the Student Services will inform and advise you on all questions relating to assessments. The Examination Office is the executive body of the Examination Board. The Examination Office is responsible for implementing and complying with the rules of the General Assessment Regulations and the Subject-Specific Schedules.

General Examination Regulations and discipline-related appendices

The General Examination Regulations lay down the general terms and conditions of examinations. They are legally binding and regulate, among other things, study schedule, admission requirements, recognition of credits, examination procedure, examination dates and registration deadlines, absence and withdrawal from examinations, cheating during examinations, grading, opportunities to retake exams, and much more.

Discipline-Related Appendices

The discipline-related appendices (DRA), which exist for each major/minor subject, are part of the General Examination Regulations and contain the specific curriculum of a subject. Required modules and their content, types of class, the type and number of graded pieces of work and the number of credit points that have to be gained in a Leuphana semester, the Complementary Studies program and individually selected major and minor or subject/area (teacher training) are regulated in detail and in a legally binding way.

General Examination Regulations, forms and discipline-related appendices are available only in German and are legally binding only in this form.

Initial Information

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Assessment matters

Examination Office (Student Services)
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