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Access and Diversity

You want to participate in the Orientation Week but you don’t know how to arrange that with your life situation? It is important to us that all students can participate in the Orientation Week regardless of various backgrounds. We strive within our capabilities to provide access for all without as little barriers as possible. Certainly not all hurdles can be taken but this website gives you the option to communicate your needs in advance so we have the chance to react.  

If you have special requirements which need to be considered during your participation in the Orientation Week you can communicate them in the checkbox "Accessibility and Specific Needs Support".  

The Orientation Week-Team will operate, respectively redirects your e-mail tot he appropriate authority. Furthermore you can address the contact points directly. There is an overview of Points of Contact below and a register for possibilities of retreat and diversity orientated facilities at the Leuphana University Lüneburg in addition to that.  

This website has been created in close collaboration with the AStA and the equality office oft he Leuphana University Lüneburg. 


  • Barrier-Free Toilets
  • Restrooms and lounges
  • The Parents and Children Room
  • Baby Change Rooms
  • Nursing Room
  • All gender welcome toilets


Barrier-Free Toilets

Barrier-free toilets are located in the following buildings:         
- Building 1, Room 1.020          
- In the canteen          
- Building 5, Room 5.030 (accessible through the kitchen)          
- Building 8, Room 8.110 / 111 (accessible through the kitchen)          
- Building 9, room 007 in the lecture theater          
- In the library in room 044          
- Building 10, Room 10.009          
- Building 13, Room 13.001          
- Building 14, Room 14.013
- Central Building, Room 40.038
- Central Building, Room 40.039
- Central Building, Room 40.057
- Central Building, Room 40.128
- Central Building, Room 40.170
- Central Building, Room 40.237
- Central Building, Room 40.258
- Central Building, Room 40.340
- Central Building, Room 40.356
- Central Building, Room 40.443
- Central Building, Room 40.535
- Central Building, Room 40.619
- Central Building, Room 40.M36
- Central Building, Room 40.U33


Restrooms and lounges

Restrooms and lounges are located in Building 9 (MuFuZi 1st floor), in the library and building 14 (above room),  as well as in the Central Building in Room 40.024 (Sanitary Room) and- from Monday to Friday, 12:00-15:00 o’ clock- 40.353 (Room of Silence).

The Parents and Children Room

The parents and children room in building 14 has the purpose of enabling short-term or temporary work with a child on the campus without giving the child a usual day care. In the parent-child room there are therefore two places available.

Baby Change Rooms

Baby change rooms can be found in the ladies' and gentlemen's toilets of the canteen and in building 10, in room 10.009.

Nursing Room

nursing and baby change room can be found in the hallway between the lecture halls and the in Central Building, Room 40.203.

All gender welcome toilets

All gender welcome toilets are located in the following buildings:

In the hallways between the lecture halls, room 007 and 008, two WC units are available, each consisting of a lockable single room and already indicated for women or men and people with disabilities.

In building 4, there is a unisex toilet with individual lockable rooms on the ground floor in the entrance area.

Building 10, Room 10.009 - This is a barrier-free toilet

Building 9, 1st floor, rooms 9.113 and 9.114.