B.Sc. International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship

How can organisations successfully handle the problems that arise when they operate in an international environment? How can they create public value? Which managerial and entrepreneurial skills support a sustainable development at the national and international levels? What are the differences between successful and less successful start-ups? These are some of the issues that the Bachelor programme International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship (IBAE) will teach you to handle.

Bachelor International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship

The English-language Bachelor programme International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship teaches you how to manage organisations and make solid business decisions in a global context. You also learn how to tackle the challenges of entrepreneurship in an international environment.

Studying International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship

In the Bachelor programme IBAE you acquire the core managerial and entrepreneurial skills for working in a rapidly changing and complex global environment. The programme prepares you for jobs in the various sub-fields of business administration, in particular within companies with an international profile.

The programme puts a special emphasis on a managerial and entrepreneurial orientation from an international perspective. The theory and practice of entrepreneurship will be one of the main focus points throughout the programme.

You will gain knowledge about various business processes and managerial functions, such as accounting, finance, marketing, and organisational behaviour. How the global business environment affects managerial and entrepreneurial practice will be another focus point.

For example, you will learn how technological shifts such as digitisation transform organisations and create new business opportunities, how companies can handle social and ethical challenges, and how laws and regulations affect businesses. You will also become competent in using qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct sound analyses that can inform managerial decision-making.

Management as a Liberal Art

Combining all these understandings constitutes a holistic approach to business education that follows the ideal of “Management as a Liberal Art.” The IBAE programme prepares you for positions in organisations with an international profile and for pursuing entrepreneurial activities in a responsible manner.

Developing a broad understanding of business, building entrepreneurial skills, and reflecting on responsibility and accountability are core competencies to take on the challenges of the 21st century.

A vibrant community

The small cohort size allows vivid interaction with fellow students and lecturers. By exploring interesting and relevant topics together, you acquire relevant knowledge and learn how to critically question established understandings. Thereby you also learn to work in different contexts and to deal with change.

We welcome students who:

  • are engaged, curious, and strive to understand the world in an analytical, systematic, and critical-reflective way
  • approach their individual study and career development in an independent, proactive, and entrepreneurial way
  • think beyond the pure profit orientation of business and demonstrate a genuine interest in how business can contribute to society

Your choice

You are WRONG at the IBAE programme if you expect:

  • A standard/conventional business administration (BWL) degree
  • A clear-cut disciplinary orientation without insights from neighbouring academic disciplines (e.g., sociology, political science, psychology, philosophy, etc.)
  • A long-established and set-in-stone study programme
  • A hands-on, primarily practice-oriented business degree without theoretical reflection and without a scientific-methodological orientation
  • Being trained in a specialist rather than a generalist profile

You are RIGHT at the IBAE programme if you expect:

  • A critical-reflective look at international business, management, and entrepreneurship – one which rethinks the value creation of business in a broader sense (i.e., beyond mere profit-maximisation)
  • A clear theoretical and methodological orientation – but without losing sight of the practical challenges of business, international business, management, and entrepreneurship
  • A clear international research orientation
  • An interdisciplinary orientation – especially through the liberal arts education in the Leuphana Semester, the Complementary Studies, and the choice of a minor from a neighbouring discipline
  • An academic education in a generalist rather than a specialist profile (in the same context, note that many leadership positions require generalist and analytical skills rather than subject-specific expertise)

Course Structure

The International Business Administration and Entrepreneurship major is embedded in the interdisciplinary College study model with Leuphana Semester, Minor and Complementary Studies. You start your Bachelor studies with the Leuphana semester. The first semester at Leuphana College gives you the opportunity to deal fundamentally with science. The Minor deepens or supplements your Major with another subject area. In Complementary Studies you have the freedom to pursue your thirst for knowledge individually by immersing yourself in a different field of knowledge each semester.

Compulsory modules

Leuphana Semester

  • Responsibility and Sustainability
  • Humanities
  • Methods I
  • Methods II: Concepts and Methods of Business Administration, Management and Economics
  • Principles of Business Administration & Entrepreneurship

Second semester

  • Statistics II for Business Administration and Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Sustainable Management Accounting
  • 1 minor module
  • 1 Complementary Studies module

Third semester

  • Entrepreneurship I: Theory and Practice
  • Finance
  • Law, Legality & Business
  • Management
  • 1 minor module
  • 1 Complementary Studies module

Forth semester

  • Business Administration I: Foundations of Organizational Behavior
  • Advanced Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
  • Information Systems: Theory & Practice
  • 2 minor modules
  • 1 Complementary Studies module

Fifth semester

  • Business Administration II: Global Perspectives
  • Entrepreneurship II: Research
  • Management and Business in Society
  • 2 minor modules
  • 1 Complementary Studies module

Sixth semester

  • Elective
  • Bachelor dissertation
  • 2 Complementary Studies modules

Study regulations / Subject-Specific Schedule

Possible combinations of minors (subsidiary subjects)

The International Business Administration and Entrepreneurship major can be stu­di­ed in com­bi­na­ti­on with one of the fol­lo­wing minor:

Language of instruction

ENG English-lan­gua­ge sub­ject: no Ger­man re­qui­red
GER Ger­man-lan­gua­ge sub­ject: Ger­man re­qui­red
GER / ENG Ger­man-lan­gua­ge sub­ject can also be ta­ken in Eng­lish

Application and Admission

Applicants for the Bachelor programme International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship have to prove their proficiency in English unless they are native speakers of English. A proof of German language skills is not necessary. Please find additional information concerning the language requirements here.

We are happy to welcome students from all over the world to Leuphana University of Lüneburg. Students who wish to complete a Bachelor’s degree at Leuphana College, but who do not have a German university entrance certificate, must apply through the Application Services for International Students, Uni-Assist, in Berlin.

Exchange students

The International Office will be pleased to assist you in planning and organising your studies abroad at Leuphana University of Lüneburg. Study abroad in Lüneburg

At a glance

  • final degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • admission restriction: yes
  • standard course length: 6 semester
  • deadline for applications: 15 July of each year
  • beginning of the course: October of each year (winter semester)
  • number of student places: 69
  • teaching and examination language: English
  • semester abroad: possible

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Jhan studies International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship (IBAE) at the College, works successfully in a social media team and is writing a novel thanks to his Complementary Studies. Read more

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Contact persons

Programme Director

Prof. Dr. Matthias Wenzel
Uni­ver­sitätsal­lee 1, C6.207
21335 Lüne­burg

Programme Coordination

Sünje Helldorff, M.A
Uni­ver­sitätsal­lee 1, C6.128
21335 Lüne­burg

Initial Information

Information Office (Infoportal)
Building 8, ground floor
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Entry / Residence / Accommodation

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