B.A. Studium Individuale

Are you curious about the various challenges faced in the contemporary world? Are you looking for a way to combine your broad academic interests? Do you care about working intensively with others while shaping your own personal plan of studies? The Studium Individuale gives you the freedom and the responsibility to design your curriculum. It challenges you to engage with key questions and problems of the present. It helps you cultivate academic skills that are fundamental for living and working in today’s world. It gives you support in formulating your ideas and goals, and taking steps towards their realisation.

A contemporary Liberal Education

The Studium Individuale is a program of study in the Liberal Education tradition. Programs of this kind focus on the intellectual and personal development of each individual student. They emphasize breadth of knowledge while also encouraging students to develop a specific personal profile.

Students learn to cultivate important skills: analytical and reflexive thinking, clear and persuasive communication, as well as well-rounded judgement. Liberal Education programs foster intensive learning within a community of faculty and fellow students, both in and outside the classroom. A contemporary liberal education prepares students to be creative, purposeful and responsible agents in many walks of life.

Freedom and contemporary questions

We believe that the best way to foster curiosity, self-direction and independence of mind is to allow students to map out their personal course of study, with support from faculty and their fellow students. The aim of each individual course of study is to explore in-depth questions and problems that need to be addressed in an interdisciplinary way.

Students can combine modules from the entire spectrum of academic fields at Leuphana, from sustainability to entrepreneurship, from digital media to psychology, from politics to education. The Studium Individuale thereby combines the pursuit of personal intellectual interests with a concern for important issues regarding our common life.

Studium Individuale in practice

In addition to the self-designed course of study, each student takes part in the core curriculum of the Studium Individuale, its intellectual backbone: one challenging interdisciplinary course of high intensity in each semester, taught in English.

Here, students are engaging in central themes that are relevant for both understanding and taking action in the contemporary world, such as: What is valid knowledge? How can we identify a problem? What are possibilities for, limits to and consequences of action? How can we understand and evaluate historical change? What is modern freedom?

An encompassing education

Learning in the Studium Individuale deliberately continues beyond the classroom in often student-led activities: talks with guest speakers, practical projects, weekend-workshops, excursions, or simply informal exchange. Students are also supported and encouraged to spend parts of their studies abroad, in order to gain additional valuable experiences for their education.

As a personal, engaging and challenging programme, the Studium Individuale offers you a rich and meaningful education while also providing you with a sound basis for a variety of Master programmes, careers and life projects.

Course Structure

The Studium Individualemajor is embedded in the interdisciplinary College study model with Leuphana Semester, Minor and Complementary Studies. You start your Bachelor studies with the Leuphana semester. The first semester at Leuphana College gives you the opportunity to deal fundamentally with science. The Minor deepens or supplements your Major with another subject area. In Complementary Studies you have the freedom to pursue your thirst for knowledge individually by immersing yourself in a different field of knowledge each semester.

Compulsory modules

Leuphana Semester

  • Responsibility and Sustainability
  • Humanities
  • Methods I
  • Module Methods II: Introduction to the methods of the Studium Individuale
  • Introduction to the discipline: Studium Individuale

Second semester

  • Culture and Critique
  • 3 elective modules
  • 1 minor module
  • 1 Complementary Studies module

Third semester

  • Understanding Knowledge
  • 3 elective modules
  • 1 minor module
  • 1 Complementary Studies module

Forth semester

  • Planning, Decision-Making, Reflection
  • 2 elective modules
  • 2 minor modules
  • 1 Complementary Studies module

Fifth semester

  • Collaborative Research Project
  • 2 elective modules
  • 2 minor modules
  • 1 Complementary Studies module

Sixth semester

  • Analysing Contemporary Societies
  • Bachelor dissertation
  • 2 Complementary Studies modules

Study regulations / Subject-Specific Schedule

Possible combinations of minors (subsidiary subjects)

The Studium Individuale major can stu­di­ed in com­bi­na­ti­on with one of the fol­lo­wing minor:

Language of instruction

ENG Eng­lish-lan­gua­ge sub­ject: no Ger­man re­qui­red
GER Ger­man-lan­gua­ge sub­ject: Ger­man re­qui­red
GER / ENG Ger­man-lan­gua­ge sub­ject can also be ta­ken in Eng­lish

At a glance

  • final degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • admission restriction: yes
  • standard course length: 6 semester
  • deadline for applications: 15 July of each year
  • beginning of the course: October of each year (winter semester)
  • number of student places: 39
  • teaching and examination language: English and German
  • semester abroad: possible

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Contact persons

Programme Director

  • Prof. Dr. Beate Söntgen

Programme Coordinator

Camilla Cassidy
Universitätsallee 1, C8.101b
21335 Lüneburg

Initial Information

Information Office (Infoportal)
Building 8, ground floor
Universitätsallee 1, 21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677-2277
Opening hours
Term time & term break:
Mon - Thu 9 - 16 h
Fr 9 - 12 h

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Entry / Residence / Accommodation

International Office
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